Ace Aviation’s Super 70

Sail loft

We use up to date laminated Technora, black Aramid & carbon X-Tech ply

plus other sail cloth from Dimension Polyant, Bainbridge and Challenge.

Choice of Engines

Moster 185 Silent                           Standard

Cisco 175 S                                       Option

Corsair Black Devil Light            Option

MotoMonitor                                    Option

DT Wooden Prop                         Standard

E-Prop                                                 Option

Icaro TZ Helmet plus Loescher Headset       Option

Hall Wind meter                           Option

The LOESCHER-universal-headset

  • Development and made by Loescher-electronic, Germany adaptor cables with extremly robust XLR-connectors and for nearly all aviation radios as well as amateur / HAM-radio – PMR -and LPD radios, as  for Alan, Albrecht, Midland, Kenwood, STABO, Alinco, Standard, DNT, YAESU, ICOM, VERTEX are available
  • one adaptor cable is in the scope of supply
  • an extensive assortment of adaptor cables, e.g. with additional MP3/Ipod-Player-connector, mobile phone connector, external PTT or to the simultaneous using of two radios is available
  • all adaptorcables with extremly robust XLR-connectors 
  • the noise protective caps of the Headsets can be outward folded + rested, in order to be able to hear the Vario or the enginesound undamped
  • up to 34 dB noice ratio of the hearing protector from Peltor
  • special noice cancelled electret microphones
  • the PTT key is attached at the left side of the hearing protectors
  • weight of headset: 300 gram The ICARO-2000

Icaro TZ with or without Visor

Wing is short packed and fitted to trike, rigging the wing on the trike is quick and keeps it clean.

Technora/Laminated sailcloth

Sail Colour scheme ordering form

A complete range of SSDR trikes