About Sub 70 (SPHG)

This is the new UK definition.

You are not required to have a pilots licence.

        Third party insurance is available and is required.

    The rules of the Air must be observed.

Must only carry one person.

Training for this type of aircraft is advisable.


The Super 70 is a lightweight trike and wing that has been designed to be a Self-Propelled Hang Glider (SPHG),

or sub 70kgs, thats the total empty weight including fuel, with minimum flying speed of 20kts. It can weigh 75 kgs

if the aircraft is fitted a with an emergency parachute recovery system.

Official Wording of exemption ORS4 No.1253

Launching of Self-Propelled Hang-Gliders with Wheels
1) The Civil Aviation Authority, in exercise of its powers under article 266 of the Air Navigation
Order 2016 (‘the Order’), hereby exempts a specified aircraft, subject to the specified condition,
from all provisions of the Order, except for those that would apply to an aircraft meeting the
definition at Schedule 1 to the Order of a ‘self-propelled hang-glider’.
2) The specified aircraft is an aircraft comprising of an aerofoil wing and a mechanical propulsion
device which:
a) has a stall speed or minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration not exceeding
20 knots calibrated airspeed; and
b) has a maximum unladen mass, including full fuel, of 70 kg, or 75 kg if the aircraft is
equipped with an emergency parachute recovery system.
3) The specified condition is that the aircraft must not fly with more than one person on board.
4) This exemption supersedes Official Record Series 4 No. 1224, which is revoked.
5) This exemption has effect from the date it is signed until 31 March 2020, both dates inclusive,
unless previously revoked.